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I am erickson.
I love to eat.
I love to play drums.
I can move my ears.
I love music!
I developed my laziness during my college days, its because I'm I.T. I'M TAMAD!
I don't entertain problems. the word "Problem" is not on my vocabulary.
I am not choosy when it comes to movies.
I can't understand myself when I want something new or something cool!
I love people watching, you can see different kinds of people, some are look like sponge bob, other looks like a monkey, other looks like goons.
Sometimes "OO" is my best answer when I can't understand the person I talk to.
I can't wait for the day that I've already planned.

The most special day of my life is when I understand that Jesus Christ is my Lord and Saviour.

Want to know more about me?
Feel free to stalk me I won't bite. =)

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